Fanny Packs are Still Cool & Here is Why We are Bringing Them Back to Kids Fashion

Calling back the decade of cool fanny packs for our kids, we want to clear one thing, if you remember fanny bags as polyester bags with zip closure and some charm, we’re changing it now. Meet the new version: POCKET, a fanny bag for kids.


Fashionable Fanny Pack for Kids: POCKET


The very popular polyester bags from the ’80s and ’90s are long gone. Recently brought back by the celebrities’ fashion scene, the newer versions are reimagined as waist packs. Beyond the cool gen wearing them again, here are seven reasons we’re introducing fanny packs for kids, the cool waist bags they deserve!

1. Kids-friendly Material for Fanny Pack

Fanny packs for kids at Mapayah are not made from the same non-biodegradable material that many of us know and love (or hate) from the 80s and early 90s. Our bags are made out of 100% pure cotton, a fabric that never disappoints whether your kids are just heading to the beach or to a fun trip.

2. Improved Stitch & Pattern for Fanny Pack 

When carrying things to various places involves kids’ control, things do need to be a little extra in every sense. POCKET is designed for the most kids-friendly situations, it is quilted to keep up the essence of fabric & comes with a completely stitched lining, avoiding the otherwise mess.

 Kids-friendly Fanny Pack: Pocket

3. Convenient for Kids

Have your kids ever lost a thing or two in their bags and end up pulling something else? No more the hunt with a small waist pack. Our fanny bag POCKET has two spacious compartments, making it easy to organize their new daily essentials counting from the sanitizer, extra mask, to the wallet and all the little things they need.

 Convenient Fanny Pack for Kids: Pocket 

4. Exclusively Designed Fanny Packs for Kids

POCKET is a hand-printed fanny pack for kids, the characters are designed exclusively with Mapayah’s interesting & unique characters. The new-age fanny packs for kids, POCKET comes in various colors and characters, the Oddlings and the Superboy. These designs stand us out from all, making our waist bags attractive and exclusive for your kids.

5. Quick to Grab

The best thing about fanny packs is as simple as they’re with you but ain’t, you carry them quick, clip, and go. POCKET can be fastened up quickly with a slider clip and comes with an adjustable strap to wear them in all the ways, across the waist, on the chest, and wherever the kids prefer.

Handprinted Fanny Pack for Kids: Pocket 

6. Everyone Carry their Own Stuff 

When traveling to the beach or a long vacation with kids, there is often one from the mother or father that ends up lost in a bag with kids. With a fanny bag for kids, separately, everyone can hold their own belongings and carry the essentials close and in reach.


One with kids in these days of pandemic where sanitizers & masks are to be kept closer than other things cannot deny the fanny bags. No matter what the kids are doing or where they’re going, they’ll need something useful, functional, and cool-looking to carry the essentials. Why not our kids enjoy hands-free fun with a waist pack? There’s a reason fanny packs came back: they really are the best way to keep life organized while traveling, and beyond.

Upgrade your kid’s wardrobe with POCKET as their exclusive kids accessory for everything.

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