Our Story

 On the days when we're not busy dealing with our 5 year old's tiny tantrums or listening to his stories about magical lands, Maulshree my wife moonlights as a Graphic Designer / Illustrator and I, Rizwan, as an Interior Architect.

Molly (as she’s also fondly called) and I share a lot of things in common. We love our morning French Press, we live to Travel and simply adore beautiful homes. But apart from that and the little guy who crawls into our bed on most nights, we have always shared a common passion for simple but great design.

In our quest for our son to grow up surrounded by this common passion, we took our love for everything Scandinavian and combined it with traditional Indian methods of block printing to create a boutique range of playful furniture, linen and accessories, for him and his close friends.

Keeping simplicity-creativity-quality at the core of our philosophy, these ideas then snow-balled into a boutique design studio that creates, crafts and curates an ever-growing line of products dedicated to children.

Our son Yahir - the reason why we continue to do what we do, is the one who swung to our rescue as we faced the task of finding a name for our new venture. He simply strung Mama-Papa-Yahir together, to create - MAPAYAH.