Why paper our walls???

We live in a world where in the words of Benjamin Franklin “Time is money”. So in today’s agile times when it comes to redecorating your surroundings, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to refresh and revamp your walls is by giving them a dose of wallpaper.

Compared to the typical panting procedure and other wallcoverings, wall papers are a quick fix. Not only because they have a fastidious and easy modus operandi, but they also serve a wide variety of colors and textures in addition to being easy on our pockets. Now in case you are muddled in making a choice when remodeling your space, here’s a few points that can guide you in the process.

Jungled Theme Eco Friendly Kids Room Wallpaper by Mapayah


1. Time is Money

Typically, a thorough paint job will take a minimum of 8-15 days. The process includes scrapping of old paint, smoothening of wall surface, prepping wall for paint and then finally the 2-3 coats of actual paint application. Similarly, any other wall feature like paneling, tilling will have a similar time frame. Not to mention the chemical fumes of paint and the mess caused in the process. A wallpaper administering project (though not applicable in all areas) might take a day or two akin to any other wall canvasing venture.


2. Diversity

One of the most diverse materials when it comes to wall covering art, is wall papers. They come in a large variety of colors and textures, like metallic, brick pattern, beaded, embellished, earthen etc. These patterns are laborious to produce by hand not to mention time consuming and pricier.

Dino Theme Eco Friendly Kids Room Wallpaper by Mapayah


3. Easy to Replace


With our current fast paced lifestyle, the lastingness of pronto decoration trends is a max of a decade. Keeping that in mind a wallpaper covering is easy and economical to revive periodically. Comparatively replacing an onerous detailed sheathing would be arduous to replace every few years.


4. Aesthetics


One of the most relevant aspects when deciding on any facet relating to décor (or any form of art for that matter) is its aesthetics. Well wallpapers unravel an array of verities that make them so favorable to avail. This humble material can add character and persona to bare, boring walls giving them a fresh spin that resonates to its core.


In its essence a wall paper can give any room a unique definition if used tastefully. The festive season is around the corner so give your walls and space a cool spin and refresh your surroundings with wallpapers that enhance your style and give you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities with your loved ones.


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