Are you picking up the right bathing towels for kids? A checklist by Mapayah

Are you picking up the right bathing towels for kids? A checklist by Mapayah

Searching the best bath towel online for kids is a challenge and might seem easy with various features, but do you really know what you need? The purchases could be a little bit dicey when you don’t know what to look for.

 Quick-dry-Lightweight Kids Bathing Towel at Mapayah

The monsoon is always a welcome respite from the scorching summer but brings along a range of concerns with a moist and generally unhygienic environment along with germs and bacteria. The damp conditions of this season make quick-absorbing cotton bath towels a necessity for kids with certain precautions, as they are more susceptible to infections.

However, as menial of a deal, a towel can be, the absence of a good kids bath wrap could have specific diverse effects on their everyday hygiene. This can lead to skin infections or allergies, and they could be highly irritational. The kids might get exposed to acne, cradle cap, milia, eczema (atopic dermatitis), folliculitis, etc.

We bring you a checklist of the features of our bath wraps covers, and all that you need to choose the right bathing towels online for kids:  

High Absorbency Rate:

It is monsoon, the foremost feature you need is a quick-absorbing fabric for bath towels, and should be the first thing to look out for when you choose towels for kids. Bath wraps at Mapayah for kids are made from 100% Cotton, to be specific terry weave cotton, one of the most absorbent fabrics for bath towels.  

Quick Drying Rate:

You scroll various towels to buy for kids and sometimes you’re taken by the style, but it’s monsoon we’re focused on right now, and quick-drying towels should be the real style for your kids. If the towel you choose will not dry quickly, it’ll develop odor with time and will irritate your kids. The real luxury of bathing towels isn’t just their softness and absorbency, but also their drying rate. Mapayah offers a wide range of quick-drying towels, explore our colorful floating Finn kids towels and stay worry-free. 

 Quick-dry-Lightweight Kids Bath Wrap at Mapayah


The tiny tantrums running around you are exploring the world and they want the charge, their bath towels should be no burden to hold them down. Kids bathing wrap at Mapayah store are made from terry cotton, they’re soft and light, the bath towels can be carried around easily with their size, and comes in various colors.  


Validating the softness of towels for kids is a challenge online, it can be very tricky even when choosing tangibly as many manufacturers coat their towels with fabric softeners. The softness from softeners reduces after a few washes and also reduces the absorbency of bathing towels. The only factor that works for softness is the fabric, if the bathing towels for your kids are made from 100% cotton, they’ll stay soft. You can find the miraculous Angela cotton towels for your kids from the range at Mapayah.

Quick-dry-Lightweight Kids Bath Wrap at Mapayah

Grams per Square Metre:

Grams per Square Metre is also known as GSM, the measure of the density of a bathing towel. Exploring online, the softness, absorbency, & quick-drying rate ideal bath towel for kids have a GSM of between 420 to 600. At Mapayah, our kids bathing towels are of ___ GSM, they provide the best luxury for your little angel. They are lightweight towels and could be used as beach or bath towels. 


A towel that doesn’t last for sufficient time is not worth the investment. The durability of kids’ bathing towels is as important as the absorbency of the bathing towel. 2-ply towels are stronger than 1-ply towels, cotton towels for kids at Mapayah are stronger and live longer, just like the Supermeow that covers the kids’ towels.Quick-dry-Lightweight Kids Bath Wrap at Mapayah


In the days of fun, we all take little escapes from our abode to enjoy pools and camping, and the towels should be nothing less than the right size. Kids’ bath wraps at Mapayah are wide and long, wrapping the kids completely. Our quick-dry cotton fabric makes them a must as kids’ pool towels, all that children need. Float with Finn, our swimming towels for kids, explore our collection of quick-dry towels for kids and pick a character for your pool towel.Quick-dry-Lightweight Kids Bath Wrap at Mapayah


Certainly not the last, but the design is a factor you want to rule for your kids. At Mapayah we exclusively design every collection with Mapayah’s unique characters. The kids’ bath wrap collection consists of our freely floating Finn, magical Angela, and villain-fighting Superboy, in different colors curated by Mapayah. These designs stand us out from all, our bath wraps for kids are hand-printed with block printing techniques, making our bath towels attractive and exclusive for you kids.

Having warm, soft towels for kids is essential, but having a towel with the right features is a luxury for your kids. Explore our collection of Bath Wraps at Mapayah, find a character that fits because we fit in your feature list. Offer your kids an experience of hygienic, absorbent & quick-drying, light, soft, and durable bathing towels.

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