A Sunday Well Spent

A Sunday Well Spent

What happens when a Sunday meets the 11thday of the Ganpati Festival and your little ones and you are stuck within the confines of an apartment complex? One suggestion is, you could probably stay off the happy stuff on a Saturday night and kick off your day with an early morning trudge to Dadar Phool Gully.

Okay, so don’t go there expecting London’s, Colombia Road Flower Market or something like that. Dadar Phool Gully is a grimy mess but it’s also an unbelievable riot of colors, shapes and smells abuzz with activity, even in the wee hours of the morning.

The early hours are the best time to get there, giving you enough of a while to choose your favorite blossoms & colors and return to a home that is still quiet. I can promise you, the joy on your little ones face as they wake up to a table full of fresh flowers is pretty unparalleled. To make it even more special, is to let them get their hands dirty and have some fun making their own floral arrangements. A pretty good way to begin any Sunday I’d say.

Ingredients needed- lots of enthusiasm followed by a pair of snippers and a couple of foam blocks. You could also make your own cardboard box planters like we did and let the little monsters color it. Since pictures speak as loud as words these days I’ll give the keyboard a breather and let the visuals do the talking. 

Back from the market..... 

Getting down to business :)

Inspection in progress......

Inspired and hard at work :)

We gotta make our own planter boxes too?

Adding a few finishing touches.

And thats a wrap :)

Three cheers for the little monsters!! 

This monster needs a rest....

Read more about the Dadar Flower Market in this lovely article by LBB. 


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