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As a parent, one of the biggest dream is to display the kid's artwork as room décor. Holding up the idea of an art gallery we’ve curated a kid’s friendly collection.

The desire for every wall is to look right out of an art gallery, nothing less. But how long can you hold the artwork and how will you? That is the question. Getting every work framed is an expensive business, and kids grow, so does their art. But before you get into picking which one to display and when displaying every is a great option to consider.

 Kids Art Display Idea: Magnetic Photo Frame & Poster Hanger

Displaying kids' artwork in your home can be beautiful and fun. There are various ideas to display them, like planning cork boards, framing a few, hanging them, taping on the wall, collecting in a book, and more.

 Kids Art Display Ideas: Frame & Hanger

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Yet there’s nothing like framing them in a wooden frame, or displaying proudly like an art gallery. Our magnetic frame series Flaunt & Snap defines itself with the name as the ultimate solution of art room display ideas to celebrate your little artists.

Here’s more to the most flexible kids’ art display that doubles up as a kids’ room decor must: 

FLAUNT: Magnetic Photo Frame

 FLAUNT is the range of Magnetic Birchwood Frames for Room Décor, designed and developed exclusively by Mapayah. These birch plywood magnetic picture frames let your munchkins switch between artworks easily and fill your space with what we like to call smArt décor.

 Kids Art Display Idea: Magnetic Photo Frame

  • Keeping kids out of the mess, Flaunt has a magnetic closure and can be accessed easily by lifting the frame upward. Kids can easily change their artwork and clip the frame back, hanging the artwork anywhere they wish.
  • Flaunt can hold the art of all sizes and dimensions for the kids’ room décor. The kids can proudly display their drawings, pop-up craft, certificates, timetables, notes for the day, and even photographs.
  • Flaunt, the Birchwood photo frame for kids’ art & décor ideas for the room comes in various sizes, to count,  A3, A4, 5” X 7”, & 5” X 5”, with the flexibility of hanging horizontally and vertically.

The artboard on the magnetic frame Flaunt comes with a chalkboard finish that doubles up as a scribble board too.

SNAP: Magnetic Poster Hanger

SNAP is the Magnetic Maplewood Poster Hanger range for Room Décor, designed and developed exclusively for room décor by Mapayah. This interchangeable poster hanger lets you switch between artworks of variable sizes.

Kids Art Display Idea: Magnetic Poster Hanger
  • Snap is a product with a magnetic closure as well and can be opened quickly by detaching both the frames from their back support, keeping kids out of potentially dangerous circumstances. Kids can quickly replace their artwork and clip the frame back in place, allowing them to hang the artwork wherever they want.
  • The interchangeable poster hanger comes with strong magnets to hold things in place and is available in three widths making it perfect for posters, artworks, pictures, prints, and more. 
  • The Maplewood poster hangers for kids' art & décor ideas for the room are available in a variety of size support, ranging 9”, 12”, & 16”. The 9” width is perfect for prints/posters/artworks up to 14” in length while the 12” width is great for lengths up to 24”. The 16" packs the most punch and is great for lengths up to 30"

Browse through our range of new-age décor for your home, it's time to get stuff hanging up in a Snap then.

Creating art needs motivation and encouragement, and displaying them on walls is the level of encouragement they need to keep on making more pieces. So what’s stopping you from displaying artwork in your home and celebrate your little artists?

Browse our magnetic photo frames for kids’ room decor for turning the wall into an art hub, and let the creativity flow.

Hope you find our Kids’ Room Decor products closer to your heart. At Mapayah- The Kids Boutique Store, we have Magnetic Photo Frames Flaunt, Magnetic Poster Hanger Snap, Wall Mounted Wall Organiser Flex, and more along with various Kids Wallpapers, Kids Furniture, Kids Bedding, Kids Accessories, and Kids Stationery products.


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