The Blanket You Know You Need for Kids During Monsoon: A checklist by Mapayah

The Blanket You Know You Need for Kids During Monsoon: A checklist by Mapayah

Searching for the best kids’ blanket online for kids might not look like a challenge but do you know what you need? The ideal blanket has various aspects running around it. Know more, to know what to look for.


SNUGGLE - The Blanket You Know You Need for Kids During Monsoon


Monsoon’s here, so are the tumbling temperatures every hour, and the longing for a cozy blanket to snuggle in and catch up with the awaiting hot chocolate, storybooks, quick naps, and whatnot.

The world has given us various options to pull on when it comes to cover our bodies, but is there anything else that can overpower the blanket to get cozy? Blankets are the part of bedding that provides actual softness and caress to the otherwise craving skins, they are the pocket of air that can maintain the right amount of warmth during monsoons.

When it comes to buying a blanket online for kids, one may assume there’s not anything to it – simply pick out the print you want with the proper length for kids, and that’s it? Although selecting the proper blanket & bedding for kids is pretty straightforward online, but there’s a touch extra to it than that.

While buying blankets online for kids, we believe in checklists, here’s one to buy ‘the blanket you know you need’:


SNUGGLE - The Blanket You Know You Need for Kids During Monsoon



When buying a blanket during monsoon to tuck in and snuggle, you need a blanket large enough to cover but also compact enough to carry. The handprinted blankets at Mapayah have earned their share to be called Snuggle due to the very reasonable size of 55” X 75”, providing full coverage to kids along with their friends to talk about the wonders in the world, or simply stay stuck to their mamas during naps.


 How can one not wonder at places things get a little tricky? There are several common blanket fabrics; each has its own advantages, and cotton is the fabric you need if you’re expecting softness, mild warmth, and a lot fewer allergies, buy our quilt weave 100% cotton blankets, they are the ones you need for kids.


 To stay tucked, snuggle in, and enjoy the warmth you don’t need to carry too much. Our collection of 100% cotton blankets filled with lightweight cotton provide the necessary warmth in monsoon and are easy to move around for kids, wherever they want to mark their territory.

 Easy to Wash

High-maintenance blankets with a long list of washing instructions and additional laundry service requirements are not what you want when you just desire to stay in and serene. Cozy blankets should come with machine wash liberty and super-ease, just like our handprinted superhero blanket for kids.


SNUGGLE - The Blanket You Know You Need for Kids During Monsoon

Fun-filled Turn Around:

Kids need a change every now and then, so when it comes to blankets can you really can? Reversible blankets at Mapayah are the magic you can give them. With no more limitations of sticking with the same design, our kids can have the perk of choosing whichever side they want of handprinted magical Angela cotton blanket for kids and others.


SNUGGLE - The Blanket You Know You Need for Kids During Monsoon


Exclusive Hand Printed Designs:

Design is a factor you want to rule for your kids. We exclusively design every collection with Mapayah’s interesting & unique characters and are hand-printed with block printing techniques. The kids’ handprinted cotton blanket collection consists of our magical Angela, villain-fighting Superheroes, and zealous Zany Zebra comes in different colors customized by Mapayah. These designs stand us out from all, making our blankets attractive and exclusive for you kids.

Snuggling in warm and cozy blankets during monsoons is all that kids love. Explore our collection of Blankets at Mapayah, find a character that fits because we fit in your feature list. Offer your kids an experience of sufficiently big yet small, lightweight, soft, warm, fun-filled, and exclusively designed blankets, along with an easy washing facility for yourself.

Buy kids’ bedding online including bed cover, bedsheets, and duvets, along with wallpapers, furniture, accessories, & stationery of crazy characters from Mapayah, and color your kid’s world.
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