Walled in? Let’s break free!

Living through the pandemic for the last two years, we’ve all developed a real appreciation for our spaces. They provide an escape from the topsy turvy world we all live in now. The real champions of this ‘new normal’ have been our children. They have had to stay with-in four walls and make the best of it. At Mapayah, we believe walls don't lock us in. They are canvases that transform ordinary spaces and open into magical kingdoms. 

How? You might ask.

Come, let’s re-decorate our walls together. 


Don’t scrape down. Instead, paper-up.

A kids room is more than just a room with four walls. These walls are a start to the quickest, easiest make-over ever. How? Well, let's consider the options available. We could paint or we could wallpaper. 

A typical paint job would mean emptying the room, inviting an army of scrapers, painters and a supervisor for days into our home. Quite daunting in these pandemic times when we are still all home. Even after the job is done, there is always the residual paint smell that takes days to evaporate. Not to mention the effort of cleaning-up and putting the room back together again. What does all this cost you? Time, money, effort and peace of mind.  

So, how do wallpaper stack up? 

Thanks to the e-commerce boom during these pandemic times, choosing a wallpaper for your kids room is now just a click away. Yay! Though the biggest question that still remains is “How much wallpaper do I need for my walls?” Traditionally wallpaper is sold by rolls. These rolls come in standard sizes. Knowing the length and width of your wall is the key to deciding how many rolls to order. It's actually as easy as ordering curtains for your windows.

When you choose Mapayah wallpapers for your kids room, we take all the guesswork out of the equation. Our nifty online calculator helps you get a precise measurement of the quantity of wallpaper you will need for your walls. The calculator will also give you a precise cost, so you pay only for what you will use. Eliminating excess cost and wastage. 

Installation of a wallpaper is a maximum two person job and will be done within 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the wall and number of walls. If you’re living in Mumbai, Mapayah provides instatation support, if needed. Most often the easiest way to find a wallpaper installer is Google. A simple Google search with your location will get you in touch with an installer in minutes. Of course, we always recommend reading reviews and ratings of those listed to get yourself a qualified installer. 

Aren’t wallpapers just an easy, quick and effective way to transform your kids room? So, what else do we need to keep in mind? 


Support originality. Keep toxins at bay. 

Most home decor brands offer luxurious options for homes but have a limited range when it comes to wallpapers for children’s rooms. Disney inspired prints are always an easy temptation. This is slowly changing as demand for unique prints and bespoke designs are being sought after even in children's spaces. 

With Mapayah, a company focused on creating fun original products for children, you are spoilt for choice. Our custom print kids wallpaper uses playful colours and themes to infuse a ton of happiness and help you curate a space for your child that inspires adventure and joy. 

All our wallpapers are printed with environmentally friendly ink on eco-friendly paper, making sure your child's space is always free of toxins. 


Peace of mind. Everytime.

Wallpapers have always been a favourite way for interior designers to give any room an instant facelift. They are easy to install and have a magical way of transforming any room into a wonderland. They rarely need any care which makes it a favourite with homeowners too. Most often all you need is a dry linen cloth to keep your papered walls looking new. 

So, are you ready to play interior designer in your kid’s room? Then, come explore our wide range of wallpapers called DECK. With fun themes like Dino, Jungle Mix, Angela, Jurassic,

Tilt, Oddling, Stripey and more, you will be truly spoiled for choice when it comes to happy colours and fun, lovable characters.  

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