Why do you need a separate Toilet Kit for Kids?

Why do you need a separate Toilet Kit for Kids?

TRAVEL : Hand-Printed 100% Cotton Kids Essential Toilet Kit by MAPAYAH


Packing toiletries for the kids when travelling is an art all moms need to master, and packing them in the same toilet bag as yours isn’t something we recommend. Organising all the essentials your kid will need in your bag invites "Moooom! Where's my toothbrush?" or "Mooooooom! Where's the comb?", multiple times a day and potential annoyances too. 

Organising kids toiletry kits separately will help you teach the little munchkins how to use, manage and know their essential items, along with being responsible for them. While traveling, the health and hygiene of your family are of the utmost priority, and so are the kits holding their essentials.

At Mapayah we’ve designed TRAVEL to keep all the little toiletries you need for the essential care of kids. TRAVEL from our Kids Bags Collection is a block-printed toilet kit, hand-stitched out of 100% cotton, with a quilted design.

TRAVEL is a handy zip closure, kid-sized toilet bag and even though it may sound small, its sure to amaze you with all it can hold. The kit your children need when travelling includes a lot and inside TRAVEL you can easily fit toothbrushes, travel-size toothpaste, comb, lip balm, floss, and a whole lot more.



TRAVEL comes in an adorable range of graphics exclusively developed and designed by Mapayah. Lined completely with a moisture barrier on the inside, our toilet bag can fit travel size bottles of shampoo, body wash, moisturiser, and antibacterial creams, as your kids won’t need a full-size variant. And in case they do, you always have the bigger ones with you to refill.

In a hurry to pack things up sometimes, we often forget the basics. Well, that’s the thing - packing your kid’s hygiene kit is about the basics and a lot more too. To simplify this, we have  made a kids’ travel essential checklist below, with all that TRAVEL toilet kit can hold:

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner - Pack the ones they usually use at home in travel-size containers.
  2. Body Wash / Soap - If they use liquid soap, make sure to pack it in a travel size bottle. A minibar soap would be much easier to pack.
  3. Toothbrush w/ Case - Store their toothbrush in a case to avoid contaminating it.
  4. Mini Hairbrush - To keep their hair looking neat and clean all day long.
  5. Retainers Case - If they’re wearing retainers.
  6. Lotion - To moisturize their skin when it’s dry. 
  7. Face Wash - Choose a brand with no-tears formula and non-alcohol based so it’s gentler on their skin.
  8. Lip Balm w/ SPF - To avoid chapped lips.
  9. Dental Floss - Pack a few with colorful handles, those that are designed for kids’ small mouths and sensitive gums.
  10. Antibacterial Creams - Go for brands recommended by your pediatrician.
  11. Wet Wipes - To easily clean their hands when eating food in the car or while in transit.
  12. Disposable Sponges - You can trash them when you're done using so you don't need to pack them going home.
  13. Mouthwash - An alcohol-free mouthwash is safe for your kids over the age of six. Little ones aged 6 below must not use mouthwash yet.
  14. Facial Wipes - To easily clean their food-smothered faces.
  15. And the basic medicines concerned with them.



                              Depending on the nature of your kids and the trip, you may also want to break up your toiletry kit requirements into 2 bags: one you can pack in your luggage for items that are not required as often, and the other with essentials that can be given to them when needed on a short notice. 

                              When picking the right toiletry bag for your kids, cuteness and colours are not the only parameters, you need a fully functional toilet kit with easy & smooth opening and ideal depth, so the kids or you can easily find things when needed without a bother. Proudly, TRAVEL qualifies on all of these parameters and is the perfect partner for your weekend getaways and holidays. 

                              Browse and pick your character from the colourful collection of bespoke designs to match your child's personality and carry the items around.

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                              It's time to help your kids organise your kids with TRAVEL.

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